Our founders are three friends who met at the University of Pittsburgh in a meeting they all weren’t supposed to attend. The first had a keen eye for aesthetics, design, and style, along with a family heritage in world class Swiss watchmaking, the second was innovative and deeply embedded in the entrepreneur ecosystem, and the third was an analytical genius creating a complementary and multidisciplinary team. They all shared one thing in common: A DISREGARD FOR RULES AND LOVE FOR GOOD TIMES!


Our name, BJØRN, is inspired by the Vikings who explored Europe by sea for trade, raids, colonization and conquest, and were seen as brutal raiders.

That’s who we are! “The Vikings of the Watch Industry”. THE INDUSTRY IS A F****** RIP OFF. Watches are marked up to 1,000% from production cost. You know what that means? A watch that costs $30 to make, import, and ship is being sold for $300. THAT’S INSANE. The worst part of it all is that most of the companies claiming to #DisruptTheIndustry and be #Transparent ARE DOING THE SAME THING.

That’s why, as a part of BJØRN’S mission, we are not only committed to giving our most valued asset, time, but also our resources. For every watch we sell, 10% will be donated to a philanthropic organization to help children in need around the world.


We noticed that today’s watches are unnecessarily complicated. We wanted to reverse engineer the modern watch and take it back to its core essentials.

We set out to design a high-quality Swiss watch that was stylish, unisex, and versatile for every occasion at an affordable price. We spent months perfecting our designs, sourcing quality materials, and finding the best factories around the world. We buy directly from them, eliminating the middleman, allowing you to purchase the highest quality products at the lowest price point.

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